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Where do I find Live Web Cams that show shipping?

   Visit the links page and see the section marked  "Great Lakes live Camera"

I am looking for a written history of a vessel.
Visit the Fleet Photo Gallery for the current Great Lakes Fleet.

   For historical information or find out what happened to a vessel no longer sailing visit the
   Historical Collections of the Great Lakes' "Great Lakes Vessels Online Index"

Where can I find pictures of Great Lakes Ships?
    Bowling Green Data Base
(this data base also features many pictures)

I am looking for current News on Great Lakes Shipping.
   I am searching for a news event that has happened since 1996.

I have a technical or administrative question about this web site.
   Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions, suggestions or comments.
*This is a hobby site run by volunteers and your message may or may not be read due to volume.

Where can I find information on the Edmund Fitzgerald.

How do I get a ride on a Great Lakes Freighter?
   Great Lakes freighters cannot take paying passengers. The only way for the public to
   enjoy a cruise if by winning one of the trip raffles offered by a non-profit group.

Where do I find links to other sites?

I am trying to find the current location of a vessel?

Can I track a vessel or see a schedule of all vessel due at a specific port?
Aside from the link above it is difficult to track a vessel and there are no lists of ETA's for specific ports.

I have a scanner and would like the radio frequencies to listen to the ships.

How long will it take for a freighter to get from one port to another?

I would like to work on a freighter, how do I get a job?
Visit the Employment section of the Links Page


How do I contact to a ship?
 Ships do not have public e-mail or phone numbers. To send via postal mail:
Soo Locks:
Person's name
c/o Name of boat
Marine Post Office
Sault Ste. Marie, Mi.49783

Detroit River:
Vessel Name
Person's name
Marine Post Office
Detroit, Michigan 48222

How can I search this site?

Where do I find Instructions for using this site?

   Reply to an existing message
   These sites are also very helpful when posting to a public group:

Text Formatting on the Search page
After "upgrading" parts of the server the formatting (line breaks, paragraphs,
links with "&" in them etc.) of posts on the discussion board was lost. The
software manufacturers are aware of this problem and plan to release a
patch in the future.

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