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Located in Kingston (pick up may be possible in other locations in Ontario from time to time)
E-mail: [email protected]

I have the following books for sale all prices in CAD and negotiable if buying more than one:

-Golden Stripes: Leadership on the High Seas by Captain V.S. Parani. Book an leadership aimed at merchant ship crews, mostly of a fairly general nature and would be applicable to many areas. Hardcover and in new condition. $12

-Marine Chartwork by D.A. Moore. Second edition printed in 1993. Paperback, in good condition other then cover. Good introduction to chartwork. SOLD

-Stability and Trim for the Ship's Officer by William E. George. Printed 1983. Uses imperial units. $9

-A Seaman's Pocket Book, printed for the Canadian Navy from British admiralty booklet. 1943 edition printed in 1944 . In pretty good condition considering it age and the fact that it is a paperback. $20

-Celestial Navigation from the Ocean yacht navigator series by Barrie Jackson. Spiral bound. Written to accompany course or to be used as a stand alone book. Covers all the basic techniques. $10

-Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation: Volume 4 Latitudes 45-60 NP 401. Hard cover, in decent shape but with fading and marks on the cover. $18

-Self Examiner for Masters and Mates, Department of transport Nautical examinations for Astro Nav (051). Book of study questions. Heavily marked with notes form previous owner. $4

-Working Watercraft by Thomas C. Gillmer. Hard cover, printed in 1972, in pretty good condition other then dust jacket. $8

-The charter Game, Ross Norgrove. Hardcover, in decent shape. $9

-How To Use Your Camera Afloat by H.S. Newcombe. Hardcover with library style dust jacket. First edition, printed in 1960. $8

-Wind and Strategy by Stuart Walker. Hard cover, in good condition other then the dust jacket being torn at edges. Printed in 1973. Includes discussion of local conditions in several locations including Kingston. $5

-Canoecraft: A Harrowsmith Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction by Ted Moores and Merilyn Mohr. Paperback, includes offsets for several designs in it. SOLD

-Seventy-Four Gun Ship by Jean Boudriot. Full four volume set in very good condition mostly like new other then minor fading along the spines of the dust jackets. First English language edition published in 1986. Details every aspect of the construction of, and life aboard a 74 gun ship of the line. $550

- Polynesian Seafaring by Edward Dodd. Hard cover in good condition other than dust jacket. Printed in 1972. Discussion of the seafaring for settlement in Polynesia. Does have a strong dose of speculation and the authors own opinions. Lots of illustrations. $15
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